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Today at 2:10 p.m. EST we have a Full Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 20° of Cancer. Tonight’s moon is a potent one that closes out the eclipse cycle that began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th. Today we may feel extra sensitive as we spend time processing our emotions and reflecting on what we need to feel secure under this Cancerian moon. This eclipse also opposes a powerful stellium of five planets currently in the sign of Capricorn, Cancer’s polarity sign. In astrology, the Cancer/Capricorn axis challenges us to define what we need to feel emotionally secure and loved, as well as what we need to feel secure in our career and in our finances. How secure and loved we feel at home impacts how safe we feel to make our mark on the world. As if today’s eclipse weren’t enough, we also have Uranus stationing direct in the sign of Taurus at 8:49 p.m. As an Earth sign, Taurus represents stability, security, and sensuality, and Uranus is the planet of instability and change. The theme for tonight’s moon is embracing change and redefining what we need to feel secure emotionally, financially, and the ways we yearn to feel more connected. 

Read below for guidance on how this lunar eclipse will affect you. For the most accurate forecast, I recommend reading for your Sun sign as well as your Rising sign: 

Aries/Aries Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer eclipse will be highlighting your home life as well as your career. This is a time to ask yourself, “What do I need to feel emotionally secure and stable so that I can show up fully in the world?” Tensions may be high at home, or you may need to make some adjustments to your home environment and your close relationships in order to receive the nurturing and support you need to function at your best. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of money and assets, you may see resources suddenly enter or exit your life over the next few weeks. These lessons are intended to teach you how to be more resourceful, to express gratitude for all that you have, and to make sure you are safeguarding your future by building your rainy-day fund. You are entering a time in your life when your career and/or public image are increasingly important. Your home and family play a major role in how you choose to show up in your career, so make sure you are creating a stable and loving foundation for yourself. Some questions to consider for today are, “Do I feel emotionally fulfilled at home and within my family? If not, what do I need? How can I express these needs with those I love, or make the necessary adjustments within myself and my surroundings in order to feel more at peace?”

Taurus/Taurus Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer eclipse touches on the ways you think and communicate, in addition to how you perceive the world around you according to your own perspective and belief systems. You are now being challenged to adjust your worldview in order to accommodate the rapid shift in consciousness on the planet. As a Taurus, your job is to help show the rest of us how we can appreciate the Earth and all the beauty she has to offer, as well as how we can create stability and financial security for ourselves. Yet right now the world is shifting, as are the ways in which we relate to and share resources and how we structure our communities and governments as we move further into the digital age. In order to be the wayshower, Taurus, you must make necessary adjustments within yourself so that you can then teach the rest of us. Some questions to think about for tonight’s full moon are “How can I learn to ground myself in this fast-paced digital age?” “What beliefs about myself and the world are no longer serving me?” “What new perspectives can I incorporate that will allow me to grow and evolve?”  

Gemini/Gemini Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer eclipse speaks to the boundaries between yourself and others, the resources you use and possess that provide for your sense of stability, as well as the resources you share with those closest to you. You may feel a lot of pressure this month to redefine how you create intimacy in relationships and how you share of yourself in your partnerships. Whether you have been over-giving at the expense of your own needs or have been overly self-focused to the detriment of your closest relationships, today you will need to create greater balance. Pay attention to whatever themes, issues and insecurities come up for you. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of healing and the subconscious, expect to do some shadow work on this full moon so that you can move forward more resilient in the core of yourself and with the strengthened relationships needed to support you. Some questions to consider are, “How do I define my sense of self-worth and what are my values?” “What are my personal boundaries, and where might I feel those boundaries have been violated?” “What within me still needs healing so that I can feel more whole and at peace within myself?” 

Cancer/Cancer Rising:

You may feel this eclipse more strongly than the rest of us, Cancer, since the moon is the ruler of your sign. Tonight’s full moon sheds light on how you define your sense of self and how you bring that Self into your personal relationships and social circles. Love and relationships are at the forefront of your mind this year so you may be directing a lot of your time and energy into your partnerships, or desiring a partnership if you are currently single. This year, however, you are learning to relate to love and connection in a whole new way. Tonight’s eclipse may reveal flaws and insecurities in your committed partnerships, friendships, and social groups. Tonight’s moon will stir the deepest waters within you, Cancer, so take some time out today to journal, reflect on the source of your feelings, spend time with loved ones, or go out in nature. Spend time in or near water if you can. Some questions for you to consider: “Where am I over-giving or overextending myself at the expense of my wellbeing?” “Where might I be letting my emotions sabotage my desire for safety and security?” “What do I need right now to feel more emotionally fulfilled? Can I provide this for myself, or do I need to ask those I care about to assist me?” 

Leo/Leo Rising:

Tonight’s full moon eclipse in Cancer lights up the hidden crevices of your soul, Leo, asking you to reflect on how far you’ve come, what you have suffered through and sacrificed to be where you are today, as well as the changes you need to make to your health and daily routines to help nourish you as you continue to evolve. With Uranus stationing direct in your career sector, it’s time to step up to the plate in terms of who you want to be in the world and the legacy you wish to create. To prepare for these shifts in your professional life, you need to get grounded within yourself or you’ll be overcome with all the pressure to succeed and be productive. Devote some time today to just be present with your body and with your emotions. Show compassion towards whatever comes up for you. Some questions to ask yourself are: “What lies within my subconscious that still needs healing?” “The emotions that I am currently experiencing—where did they originate from?” “What health or dietary changes is my body asking for so that I can function at my best?” 

Virgo/Virgo Rising:

Tonight’s lunar eclipse sheds light on your social groups and communities, your creativity, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. With this full moon in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer, some insecurities may bubble to the surface regarding your social networks and whether or not you feel you belong. Romance, creativity and self-expression are currently priorities for you, Virgo, and you may spend this full moon reflecting on what you dream of creating in the future, and whether you feel safe enough in your social groups to express yourself fully. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of travel, education and higher wisdom, now is the time to grow and expand into formerly unexplored territory in order to come face to face with your highest potential. You are a divine creator. Anything you dream up, you can accomplish. Trust that once you align with the creative fire inside you, the right people and social groups will show up to support you. Some questions for you to ponder today: “Do I feel my emotional needs are being met within my community or circle of friends? If not, how can I communicate my needs with others?” “Do I feel my higher self is in alignment with my current social group, or do I need to seek out new individuals or groups that inspire my creativity and my desire to grow and evolve?”

Libra/Libra Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer full moon illuminates your work/life balance and how you create a stable home and family that can support you in your personal and professional growth. There may be increased tension at home as you work towards defining your core needs for nurturing, safety, and security. Ultimately, the condition of your home life affects your sense of self and how you show up in the world, so take some time today to think about what you really need in order to build a solid foundation for yourself. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of intimacy and shared resources, it’s time to get clear on your boundaries and to take responsibility for how others influence you and how you influence others. When energy and resources are shared, the vitality of both parties is affected. When it comes to sharing of yourself with others, make sure you choose wisely; prioritize the people who nurture and support you in ways that help you to grow and evolve. Some questions for you to consider: “Do I feel fulfilled in my career? Am I making the difference I want to make in my profession and/or in my community? If not, what changes do I need to make?” “Do I feel content at home and in my family life? If not, what do I need to do, or what conversations might I need to have, in order to bring things back into balance?”

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising:

Tonight’s lunar eclipse in Cancer places emphasis on how you relate to the world around you, your personal beliefs and philosophies, and your desire to broaden your perspective through enlightened experiences and education. Now is the time to take stock in how you think, analyze information, and communicate with others. Your mind is undergoing major renovation as you are currently learning the difference between truth and illusion, “facts” vs. reality, as well as how you manage stress, anxiety, or depression. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of committed partnerships, your desire for intimacy and your desire for freedom may clash. You can process this tension by honoring your deepest needs and learning to communicate those needs with the people you care about. Practice mindfulness and compassion towards whatever comes up for you today, and then apply that mindfulness to how you communicate with and show compassion for others. Spending some time in meditation or out in nature may prove beneficial, Scorpio. Some questions to reflect on today: “In what ways is your soul currently seeking to learn, grow, and evolve?” “What does Truth mean to you, and what do you feel is the deeper meaning and purpose to your life?” and lastly, “How do you define love? What definition of love can you create that allows the freedom and flexibility for you to express who you are?”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer eclipse sheds light on your house of intimacy, shared resources, grief and loss. This may be a highly charged moon for you, Sagittarius, as you process the boundaries and barriers that keep you from connecting more deeply to those you love most. You may be challenged today to open yourself up more in order to experience a deeper connection with those around you, or you may experience the opposite—a need to set healthy boundaries with others because you’ve been over-giving or you feel taken advantage of. The wounds of betrayal, loss, rejection and abandonment can be very tender, so be extra gentle with yourself today and practice compassion towards whatever comes up for you. With Uranus stationing direct in your sector of health, daily routines and service to others, there may also be health issues surfacing as your body’s way of telling you what it needs in order to support you. If you’ve been taking care of yourself and your health lately, then you may experience renewed vitality now. Utilize this full moon to take an inventory of your personal resources, where you need to set healthy boundaries with others, and perhaps where you need to let your guard down in order to experience greater intimacy with those you care about. Some questions to consider: “Do I feel there is an equal balance of give and take in my personal and professional partnerships? Where might I need to give and compromise more? Where do I need to set strong boundaries and regulate how much I give?” “Am I honoring my self-worth and personal values in my personal relationships and in the choices I make? If not, where do I need to make adjustments?”

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising:

Tonight’s full moon eclipse illuminates how you show up fully and authentically in your committed partnerships. You have spent the past several months—even years—redefining who you are and what matters most to you, and this has no doubt had an effect on how you create and nurture your relationships with others and whether you feel supported by them. This lunar eclipse may bring up insecurities in your partnerships where you have experienced an identity crisis, where you no longer feel seen or heard, or where perhaps your loved ones have felt unseen and unheard by you. The theme for this lunar cycle for you, Capricorn, is how you cultivate the divinity within yourself, and how you nurture and acknowledge the divinity in others. Remember that what you crave most—stability, security, and recognition—originates not just from outside circumstances and the material world, but also from within you and how you share of yourself emotionally with those you love. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of romance, play, and creativity, the secret to greater connection for you, Capricorn, lies in connecting with your inner child and cultivating a greater sense of joy and wonder. Some questions to consider for today: “Do I feel content in my current partnership and/or closest relationships? If not, where do I need to give and compromise more, and where do I need to ask for what I need?” “Am I showing up in all my relationships authentically, or do I hold some of myself back? “In what ways am I afraid to be vulnerable with those I care about?” “How can I bring more of myself into everything I do?”

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising:

Tonight’s lunar eclipse in Cancer reveals how you nurture yourself and others through your health, dietary habits, and daily routines. You’ve been doing a lot of deep inner digging for a while now, Aquarius, and you may still be processing grief, loss, and healing the wounds of the past. Don’t forget that sometimes this deep inner work can take a toll on your body. This full moon indicates that now is the time for healing, not just of your mind and inner world, but of your body and immediate environment as well. While nurturing and caring for others may be fulfilling for you, don’t overextend yourself at the cost of your own health. On the contrary, if you’ve been spending too much time alone processing your own pain and healing, you may have neglected your body, your loved ones, or your pets. Uranus stationing direct in your house of home and family indicates that there may be some instability here that needs tending to. Use this full moon to do a check-in with yourself: “Where do you need to direct your energy to bring things back into balance?” “What do you need to do to provide a more solid foundation for yourself and your relationships?” 

Pisces/Pisces Rising:

Tonight’s Cancer eclipse illuminates romance, creativity and self-expression for you, Pisces, and how you channel your sense of self into your social groups and your dreams for the future. You may feel a great sense of responsibility to the world around you—you’ve been feeling the pressure to make a difference, to contribute to your community in a meaningful way, and to modify the future you envision for yourself. In the process, however, don’t forget to stop and have fun, to play, to create, and to let life–and love–be your muse. With Uranus stationing direct in your house of the mind and communication, you may also be experiencing stress or anxiety related to the pressures to produce, accomplish, and serve. This full moon is reminding you that you need to fill up your own well by honoring your intuition and creativity. Emotions may run high for you today, Pisces, so utilize this full moon to channel all that energy into a creative outlet. Write, draw, dance, sing, move your body. After all, you can’t be of the highest service if your energy and emotions are spent. Some questions to consider: “What creative ideas am I passionate about and desire to explore?” “In what ways might I let fear and negativity sabotage my creative process?” “How can I lean on my social connections, or seek out new social contacts, in a way that inspires me to live more creatively?”