This ritual is best done on the April 7-8th Full Moon or anytime before the April 23rd New Moon.

Libra Full Moon

April 8, 2020 at 3:35 am UT (London)
April 7, 2020 at 10:35 pm EST (New York)
April 7, 2020 at 7:35 pm PST (Los Angeles)

We are excited to present two BRAND NEW resources for you this month. Goddess Guidance and Moon Yoga Flow.

Happy Moon Manifesting!

Steps for Your April Full Moon Ritual:

1.Gather Tools for Your Ritual.

  • Stationary and Pen (enough paper to write one- two letters)
  • Other paper, if needed
  • Lighter or matches, if needed

    Optional supportive tools:
  • Cup of tea
  • Your favorite candle
  • Your favorite crystal *
  • Your favorite essential oil *
  • smudging tool

*refer to Libra Full Moon Crystals and Essential Oils for Libra-aligned suggestions

2. Read Astrology for this Full Moon.

On Tuesday, April 7th at 10:35 p.m. EST we have a Full Moon at 18° Libra. The sign of Libra has to do with relationships, balance, harmony, diplomacy, fairness and justice. Since full moon’s are about bringing the subconscious to light, this moon may have us confronting our newfound frustrations from living in isolation, whether we’re experiencing tension with those we cohabitate with or are battling loneliness and helplessness. This moon invites us to create greater connection with others and with ourselves through the balance and compromise that is introduced from a place of mutual respect and consideration. At present we are being challenged to find new ways of reaching out to others given the limitations of our present circumstance. This Libra Moon will illuminate wherever there is imbalance or a lack of communication and general concern for the well-being of others. 

Representing the scales, Libra wants us to balance out two extremes, to harmonize opposites, and to find the middle path. Uniting yin with yang, passivity with assertiveness, self-love with the transcendence of self to be of service to others, healthy habits vs. unhealthy ones, these are the patterns and behaviors that may come up today. Sit in stillness and honor the ways in which your mind, body, and soul are seeking attunement and unification.

Click on both your sun and rising signs below for guidance on how this April Full Moon will personally affect you. This gives the most accurate forecast. For example, if you are an Aries Sun and a Virgo rising, click on the Aries link and then click on the Virgo link. Both of these readings will be pertinent to you. Once you’ve read both, you’ll most likely know what you’d like to reflect on and bring into your ritual. Don’t know your sun or rising sign? Calculate here.

Click on your sun sign/rising sign:


3. Play Releaseplaylist.

Release – April Full Moon Playlist

4. Begin Your Ritual.

Libra as an air sign is first and foremost about relationships and connection, particularly to do with the balance of I and Thou, how you and another work within the flux and flow of partnership. Hence the Libran keywords: balance, harmony, diplomacy.

Take out your stationary as you will be writing a love letter to yourself and then to another that you feel you need some healing, understanding, more balance, connection with or even just gratitude for.

If you are single but seeking a relationship your second letter can be a letter to your future soulmate. Setting this intention for the love you’ve been seeking is a powerful tool when we have the Moon in Libra.

Once you are done writing, read back to yourself the words of love that you expressed to yourself and place the letter in front of you. Do the same for the other love letter. You have symbolically sent out the Universe your desire to let go of any relational issues you have with yourself and others (or that you are seeking/worthy of your soulmate connection).

If you decided to set up an altar to Aphrodite as described in the Goddess Guidance section, place your letters on the altar.

If you have any other thoughts and issues that need releasing, especially gleamed from your personal Astro-Illumination reading, write them out on another piece of paper. You can put these with your love letters or you can release them to the Universe by setting them on fire (outside and safely).

5. Affirmations.

Before you close out your ritual you can also recite one or more of the affirmations below as another loving way to remind yourself and express to the Universe your desire for balanced and harmonious love in your life.

Libra Affirmations

As I embrace my own knowing, I experience peace with all I meet.
The vision of true love pervades my life.
I attract loving and fulfilling relationships.
I seek Justice and beauty in all areas of my life.
I am loving, I am loved, I am lovable.
I tip the scales to balance in all areas of my life that are currently extreme.

6. Close out your ritual.

Play the guided audio meditation. Take a few minutes afterwards to just relax and segue back into your regular day or evening.

Note: I highly recommend that you reread your letters on a daily basis for the next couple weeks. By keeping your attention on what you wrote energetically aligns you with outcomes that are always in your highest and best good.

Moon Meditation – Libra Full Moon

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