11 Ways To Step Into Your Power RIGHT NOW

By Julie Grace on February 13, 2020 0 Comments • Tags: #goddess #personalpower

Hi! I’m Julie and this is our first formal conversation! My job here at Just Add Moon is the Systems Sorceress. I spend most of my time behind the scenes, happily, as that’s where I can make sure things run smoothly. I work alongside Michele to put uplifting and insightful content out into the universe. I am in awe of Michele, her divine mission and all the collaborators that gift us all with their soulful content. I am beyond grateful to be a part of Just Add Moon. 

Recently, I was hit with a dose of divine inspiration, as I myself needed a reminder of my strength and capacity to do hard things. It occurred to me, that you may need that reminder too. 

Life is busy. Sometimes it’s really great and then at times, it can be not-so-fun and feel not-so-good. It’s easy to get caught up in our everyday life. We get behind on bills, we didn’t snag the client we wanted, or meet the goals we had set for the month. We lose patience with a whiny child, or we have days where we have butter fingers and literally drop everything.

While we do often win some – aka get things done, have a parenting win, or meet a big financial goal, we sometimes (or just as often) lose some and well, it sucks. And in these moments, we need a shot of reality. That reality being that no matter what’s happening right in this moment, we always have the ability to connect to our bad ass, powerful, capable selves. It’s always there, and it’s existence is not conducive to our 3-D goals. In other words, your power is ever present, regardless of the number of checks on your to-do lists. If you’re feeling a bit frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged it’s time to step back and call in your power. 

Here are 11 ways  to help you step into your power RIGHT NOW:


Meditate. Take 10 minutes this morning (or evening) to breathe and be totally present. I use the CALM app but there are several platforms for guided meditations.

Write. Get your fears and doubts out of your head and onto some paper. After that, write your 3 biggest strengths and read them out loud to yourself in the mirror. 

Walk. Go on a short 10 minute walk. Really notice your surroundings. Feel the breeze on your skin and listen to sounds around you. Step away from everything and connect to the now. Then go back to your project with a fresh perspective.


Dance. Blast Your favorite song in the car or at home and sing and dance your heart out. Do your thing like no one is watching even if you fear that someone might be. There is nothing I love more than seeing someone jam out and lose themselves in a song while sitting in traffic. It makes my heart so happy… and I usually join them. 

Connect with your inner goddess. Do something that makes you feel like the goddess that you are. Style your hair, wear something silky, go dancing with your girls. If I want to feel put together, I paint my toenails. I have no ideas why and it’s so simple but makes such a big difference for me. Everyone has something. If you aren’t sure what your thing is, experiment and try something new. 

Walk around your house naked. When you get out of the shower, don’t get dressed right away. Do your hair, make-up, make your coffee or tea, all while totally nude. And be sure to scope out that beautiful being in the mirror when she walks by. 


Have sex. That’s right. Own your prowess and GET IT ON. Or, cuddle with your significant other. If you are happily single, take a sensuous bath and savor the luxurious bath products and quiet time.

Gratitude call or text. If someone has done something nice for you recently or has built you up in any way, tell them! It strengthens a bond between you two and acts as a reminder that you are important and loved no matter what and you’re helping another to know that they are important too. 

Smile/talk to people. We can easily get lost in our thoughts and go into auto-pilot. I did that today. It’s our default. So leave your brain for a bit and connect with your heart. While you are at the gas station, at the kids school, or at the grocery store focus on your light and turn it on full blast. Be present. Is there a woman in line with you that has an awesome style or energy? Tell her! Did someone providing you a service do a really great job? Tell them AND a manager. Make eye contact with the person that held the door open for you when you say “thank you.”


Run an errand. You know, the oneyou’ve been putting off. I have a legit problem with procrastination when it comes to boring life stuff. I had been putting off going to the post office recently. I made a point to do it first thing on Monday after dropping the kids off and I walked out of that baby feeling like the President of Getting Shit Done.

Choose easy tasks. Look at your to-do list and do the top 2 easiest things right now. Big or small, when you chip away at your list, it just feels good. 

So there you have it. 11 quick things you can choose from to help bring you back to your power. And just a little reminder in case you still need it, you are more powerful than you know. You are capable of hard things and you are utterly amazing. Now, let’s do this.

Ready to commit to a life you’re excited about?

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