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Time to Get Your Rocks Out!

By Michele Gholson on February 8, 2020 0 Comments • Tags: #crystalenergy #crystals #fullmoon #leoenergy

Since ancient times, crystals and rocks, which store the earth’s energy, have been used metaphysically to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance, and support personal development. These natural elements help you stay focused on your intentions to create and maintain positive change in your life.

It is for this reason that we at Just Add Moon love to use crystals and stones in our Moon rituals, as well as to carry with us during the month; they serve as beautiful friends from the earth, vibrating with innate positive energy to support us unconditionally and reminding us to focus only on the positive outcomes we desire. As we are all human and prone to negative thinking, crystals distract us from any troubling thoughts that may be blocking our intentions. When you use a crystal or stone in your ritual you are reminded of its positive energy in alignment with your highest intentions and helping to release all negativity that isn’t serving you.

As well as being transmitters, crystals and stones absorb energy. Like us, they’re affected by negative energy and influences, as well as positive ones. They need cleansing, or more specifically, they need opportunities to re-tune their crystal system vibration back to its essential, unadulterated frequency. Sustained exposure to Full Moon white light-energy offers an effective way for them to do this. An overnight “bath” in the Full moonlight every month is the prefect way to recharge your crystals for optimal energetic support to your wellness.

If you wish to purify the vibration of your crystals so they are most effective, Sunday’s Full Moon is the most powerful time to do so.

Here is a simple way to vibrationally align your crystals:
1. Gently cleanse crystals in water (not all crystals like water so only bath water-safe ones)
2. Place crystals outside on the earth or in a bowl (or inside where they can receive moonlight)
3. Collect them the next morning after receiving 1-2 hrs sunlight
4. Set a new loving intention for them now that negative energy is gone

If you’d love to start a soulful self-care practice using crystals and the energy of a Full Moon Just Add Moon is here to guide you. Please join us by becoming a member so you can explore all the amazing resources available to you for Moon Intention Setting and Release Rituals.
Here is a Leo energy affirmation and Leo crystal pairing in preparation for Sunday’s Full Moon.
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