Finding Your Techne in 2020 and What Does That Mean?

By Michele Gholson on January 3, 2020 0 Comments • Tags: #astrology #capricornenergy #fullmoon #mastery #selfawareness

Stay positive. Make a change for yourself. Tell others about your change. Feel good and hopefully, the message will spread.

Gemma Newman, MD

My Beloved lives 3 hours from me and I’ve come to love these drives as I spend the ride listening to enriching and thought-provoking podcasts. Gemma Newman’s gem came from Rich Roll’s Best of 2019 podcast and an overall theme emerged that is very much aligned with January’s Capricorn energy: find a passion or interest, master it, and take those skills you’ve acquired and make them useful as a way for you to feel good and as a way to serve others.

Further along in the episode Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and founder of Impact Theory, puts it pretty bluntly: “Work your ass off to get very good at something you care deeply about that allows you to serve not only yourself but other people.”

Tom provides for you a pretty universal, specific formula to fulfillment; aka feeling purpose and meaning in life. It’s not new as the ancient Greeks had a word for it “techne,” or craft or art. Tom also has a pretty good way of explaining what techne is; he talks about how you can go to a soup kitchen and serve in this way, and while it’s a good place to start, you come to recognize that anyone can do this. You haven’t earned something special to serve yourself let alone someone else. So techne is honing your skills not just to master something you are interested in but to make those skills USEFUL. Most of us never understand that skills have utility- they let you DO something. It is this mastery of a skill and making it useful that is the foundation for living your best life- feeling good and being useful to others.

Could this be more Capricorn; the archetype of the sea goat steadily climbing from the earthy realm to reach the mountain’s pinnacle or your highest self’s intent? January is the best month to hone in on self mastery of a passion or interest and letting it unfold through out the year. Be persistent in this work and you will surprised at how this plays out for you by the end of 2020.

I’d love to introduce you to someone that has spent years and countless hours honing her techne to share with us in Just Add Moon’s new digital membership. Caroline Peters is an astrologer, tarot reader, intuitive counselor and divine channeler. She is the magic behind the Astro Illuminations content for each Full and New Moon. She provides you with detailed moon astrology based on your sun and rising signs, as well as any other astro energies affecting the lunations.

Caroline followed her curiosity for astrology, took years and countless hours to get skilled in it, opened up her intuitive gifts in the process, and finally recognized that “her passion is meant to empower people to better understand their life purpose and the nature of their soul. Through intuitive channeling with Spirit, she is able to assist others in understanding how they can heal old wounds and thus clear the pathway to reach their highest potential in love, in their career, and in their life.”

White Wolf Mystic is her techne and I am so honored to offer her amazing astro love and light with you each month in Just Add Moon! Join us to dive into her astro-illuminations for each lunation as well as experience the techne of our additional creative collaborators!

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