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In times of uncertainty, we want to be a part of the solution. That's why we're offering all new members 40% off for the next 3 months. We want to make the magic of Just Add Moon accessible to everyone.


Just Add Moon is a monthly membership website demystifying and making more accessible the divine knowledge of moon and food energy to support your spiritual/sacred practice. You’ll tap into your inherent body wisdom and uncover compassion for yourself and others. We're here to help you live daily life in ease, grace and purpose in accordance with your own inner knowing aligned with your authentic truth.

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In times of uncertainty, we want to be a part of the solution. That's why we're offering all new members 40% off for the next 3 months. We want to make the magic of Just Add Moon accessible to everyone.


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As a member you'll have full access to content based on the natural rhythm of the monthly moon cycle: new and full moon magic.

— Astro-Illuminations —

In depth astrological info by sign and house and any extra influences.

— Meditation —

Audio guided meditations promoting relaxation and manifestation.

— Food Energy —

Meal planning and recipes based on the moon energy.

— Magick Tools —

Crystal and Essential Oil suggestions for ritual and use through the month.

— Community —

Connect with a conscious community and support each others journeys.

— Music Playlists —

Customized Playlists for Moon rituals, infused with the energy of the month.

— Goddess Guidance —

Moon-aligned goddess support.

— Ritual —

Guided moon rituals.

— Yoga —

Yoga Moon Flow videos.

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Creative Contributors

We are entering a new paradigm of living on this planet that is inclusive, supportive, collaborative, balancing the masculine with the feminine, and more compassionate by living through our heart chakra. So many are here now to assist us on this new path of living and we've begun gathering them in this sacred space.

Michele Gholson
Michele Gholson
Founder | Moon Magic Curator

Michele is an entrepreneur and creator riding her visionary Venus in Aquarius horse to fulfill her calling as a High Priestess/Healer in her Virgo-Rising tribe. She uses the essence of her build-for-the-community Capricorn Sun energy having spent many lifetimes in the knowledge and adventure-seeking Sagittarius tribe to share all she's learned.
Her newest creation Just Add Moon in Digital was birthed from Just Add Moon, a New Moon manifesting ritual box. Both express her desire to share Moon Magic and Food Energy with a mission to help as many as she can manifest and live their best life in ease, purpose, love, and wellness.

Caroline Peters
Caroline Peters

Caroline Peters of White Wolf Mystic is an astrologer, tarot reader, intuitive counselor and divine channeler. Her passion is empowering people to better understand their life purpose and the nature of their soul. Through intuitive channeling with Spirit, she is able to assist others in understanding how they can heal old wounds and thus clear the pathway to reach their highest potential in love, in their career, and in their life.

Julie Grace
Julie Grace
Systems Sorceress

Julie acts as our wizard behind the Just Add Moon curtain. She operates with a balance-driven mission. Equal parts creative energy and earthy action to make things happen. Manifesting is her super power. She feels deeply that it is her divine calling to help women-run, heart-based businesses to not only survive but to FLOURISH.

With her moon in Cancer, she connects directly with the Universe through her most fulfilling relationships: her two magical kids, encouraging husband and her loving and supportive tribe.

Cindy Bartz
Cindy Bartz
Audio Guided Meditations & Moon Yoga Flows

Cindy Bartz is a self-published author, speaker and coach. She specializes in yoga, meditation, qigong and food-healing practices. Cindy started practicing different forms of meditation in 1983. Cindy has taught meditation for many years in yoga studios, wellness centers and at mindful events.

Cory Herndon
Cory Herndon
Moon Ritual Playlists

Cory has a passion for Music and Tea Ceremony. He has been crafting Cinematic Experiences for the Ears, for nearly a decade and practicing Tea Ceremony since 2017. His love for both has lead him to create the Evolove Tea Ceremony. With Evolove Tea Ceremonies he invites people on a Spiritual Voyage using Tea, Music and Tarot to bring wisdom and guidance to their inner-being.

Pay It Forward

$1 of your monthly membership is donated to Red Tent Women's Initiative.

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Sample Video from White Wolf Mystic

Caroline Peters of White Wolf Mystic is our new and full moon Astro-Illuminator.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll at anytime, but we believe the best way to begin your membership is around the New Moon time frame. 

Click join now button and you’ll be taken to the payment portal to begin your monthly membership.

The Just Add Moon Monthly Membership costs $15.99/month.

This grassroots initiative in St. Petersburg, FL works to provide incarcerated women skills to heal and improve their lives through trauma informed programs.

Ideally, you should have a New or Full Moon ritual on the New or Full Moon or up to 4 days after. It shouldn’t be beforehand. The closer you set your intentions to the New Moon via a manifesting ritual, you’ll reap the benefits of a full lunar cycle to work with your intention. Likewise, the closer you have your release ritual to the Full Moon, you’ll have ample time in the next two weeks for reflection and fully letting go before the next New Moon and new manifesting lunar cycle.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and rituals were born out of the perspective that life is inherently difficult. Rituals have for eons been the tools humans have used to release and express emotion, build their personal identity and the identity of their tribe, bring order to chaos, orient themselves in time and space, effect real transformation, and bring layers of meaning and texture to their lives. How lovely then that we now reside in an age where we can transform this ancient tradition from survival energy to a loving and nurturing energy to support our modern daily living.
The natural cycle of the moon, starting with a New Moon, gives us a compass of sorts to create flow and pause in our monthly life experiences. Implementing consistent rituals around your intention setting on each New Moon and release/letting go on each Full Moon is an easy yet powerful way to connect with your life experience. Lunar practices are designed to help you cultivate self-knowledge, and create a better life. Both New and Full Moon rituals allow us to experience the best form of self-care; what I like to refer to as “soulful” self-care, which addresses our whole mind-body-spirit self.

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