Take Charge of Your Life

Harness the POWER of the Moon’s cycle.

Moon rituals help you live life from the inside out.


Your Soul’s Growth

Demystify the path to a life of ease, grace and purpose in accordance with your own internal inner knowing.


Your Authentic Truth

Self-Discovery is a journey, not a destination.


Just Add Moon is a monthly membership website demystifying and making more accessible the divine knowledge of moon and food energy to support your spiritual/sacred practice. You’ll tap into your inherent body wisdom and uncover compassion for yourself and others. We're here to help you live daily life in ease, grace and purpose in accordance with your own inner knowing aligned with your authentic truth.


As a member you'll have full access to content based on the natural rhythm of the monthly moon cycle: new and full moon magic.

— Astro-Illuminations —

In depth astrological info by sign and house and any extra influences.

— Meditation —

Audio guided meditations promoting relaxation and manifestation.

— Food Energy —

Meal planning and recipes based on the moon energy.

— Magick Tools —

Crystal and Essential Oil suggestions for ritual and use through the month.

— Community —

Connect with a conscious community and support each others journeys.

— Music Playlists —

Customized Playlists for Moon rituals, infused with the energy of the month.

— Goddess Guidance —

Moon-aligned goddess support.

— Ritual —

Guided moon rituals.

— Yoga —

Yoga Moon Flow videos.

Pay It Forward

$1 of your monthly membership is donated to Red Tent Women's Initiative.

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